” Remember who the real enemy is.The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, 2013 [x]



you look so cool, i mean really, you do


“My spirit. This is a new thought. I’m not sure exactly what it means, but it suggests I’m a fighter. In a sort of brave way. It’s not as if I’m never friendly. Okay, maybe I don’t go around loving everybody I meet, maybe my smiles are hard to come by, but I do care for some people.”

I was deaf for a week, but I didn’t go to the doctor because I’m a genius.

I believe in the person I want to become, I believe in the freedom of the open road. And my motto is the same as ever – I believe in the kindness of strangers.”


once i was babysitting my neighbor’s 6 year old and she asked me why i was so ugly and without thinking i said “i’m you from the future” and she cried for like 30 minutes

"Order. You say that bloody word over and over in your shuck head. Reason we’re all sane around here is cause we work our butts off and maintain order. Order’s the reason we put Ben out—can’t have loonies running around trying to kill people, now can we? Order. Last thing we need is you screwing that up.”

Around Town

The Kooks - Listen

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The Kooks - Around Town

But all I need is somewhere to lay
Somewhere to lay my head on
I need someone to love in the middle of the day
I want someone to be
And someone to drive around town
I need someone to love when the chips are down

Peeta making Katniss smile


Christian Lacroix Haute Couture 1998

"Please don’t have somebody waiting on you."

People haven’t always been there for me, but music has.

AM (2013)